To achieve optimal performance on the greens, it’s oftentimes a matter of evaluating isn’t working well in your current game and focusing on how to improve it. Cue Coach Andrea, who begins the first Golf Performance Training session with a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 1 Screen to better assess what techniques, drills, and warm-up and cool-down exercises need to be included in your training to improve your golf game. 

What is a TPI screen? How can it help out my swing?

Coach Andrea utilizes the Level 1 & 2 certifications from TPI to improve a golfer’s swing and what kind of exercises can get a golfer performing at the top of their game. 

Here’s what you can expect to be tested in a TPI screening:

  • Stability through the joints
  • Mobility of the muscles through movements
  • Overall control & coordination

By isolating different parts of the body, Coach Andrea can tell what a golfer’s weakest and strongest points are. Coach Andrea’s overarching goal is to get you back to feeling more balanced and powerful each and every time you step up to the tee. 

What happens after I get my TPI screening? 

Training time with Coach Andrea doesn’t have to end right then and there! After your TPI screening,  Coach Andrea will create an individualized and customized training program for you to help keep you structured and on track with your game. 

So, how do I get started with Golf Performance Training? 

Coach Andrea can work with you remotely on your Golf Performance Training sessions. Get started by booking a session today!