Out with the old, in with the new. 

Spring has always been associated with cleaning! Whether we are putting away winter clothes, reorganizing storage spaces to make room for new projects, or FINALLY putting away the holiday decorations, spring cleaning is a great way to kickstart the season. However, have you ever “spring cleaned” your pantry? Are there favorite foods tucked away that make you wonder “How long have they been in there? Why haven’t I had them yet?”

With the current limitations of dining out and often empty grocery store shelves, this is a great opportunity to finally make a meal out of items you’ve previously purchased…or perhaps throw out items that would be better weighing down the trash can than collecting dust on your pantry shelf. 

Is it good…and how long will it stay that way?
If you have non-perishable items like canned foods and dried fruit, make note of their expiration dates to ensure that they’re still worth keeping around. And if you’re finding items in your pantry that have been collecting dust on your shelves, it’s time to either part ways and donate them or think about how you can use them soon in a recipe. 

Say goodbye to “processed” and say hello to progress!
What if some of those items in your pantry are oh-so-good to taste, yet oh-not-so-good for your health? If we’re being honest, it’s difficult giving up your favorite treat and very easy to give in to  temptation when it’s right in your pantry. If you are prone to grabbing a quick snack, think about ‘processing’ a variety of healthy snack options that are a better substitute and say goodbye to processed foods by saying hello to progress not only in the gym but also with your overall health.  

Organize it in your way 

Now that you have removed out-of-date or out-of-your-healthy-meal-plan goal items, it’s time to organize the items that are bound to make it into your next healthy snack or meal! Maybe it’s alphabetizing your spices or organizing shelves with similar products; knowing what you have on hand will help you plan meals and your grocery list. We’ll leave this up to you to decide your organization system and structure, but alas, consider these tips:

  • Label bins and containers appropriately
  • Keep small packets of protein powder, taco seasoning, whatever it be may be in one place
  • Think of your pantry like a grocery store! Organize shelves by sides (like pasta and rice), by Country/Continent that the products are sourced from (Italian tomato sauce, Spanish olive oil, etc), or by meal type like all breakfast foods
  • Use clever container systems to stack, hang, or spin (think lazy susans!) items for easier viewing and retrieving

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