Let’s be real: there are more than ten characteristics or words to describe what it means to be an athlete. Which word(s) best describes you? 

What is an athlete?  And, more importantly, do you consider yourself an athlete?  As we build our TEAM at Athletic Evolution SPT you will see newsletters, messaging, and emails referring to our clients as ATHLETES…and that’s intentional! Most assume that to be considered to be an ‘athlete’ that you need to be a professional with your jersey sold in sporting good stores, train 6 days a week like it’s your job, or look like the fitness phenomenons at the CrossFit Games…however, these are just examples at the extreme end of what can qualify someone as an athlete.  Do you plan your training to peak for events or competitions? Are you driven to improve your performance in your chosen activity? Do you train with Coach Andrea with the intention of improving your ranking, handicap, or opportunities to take your game to the next level?  

As you read through this TOP 10 LIST ask yourself…does that adjective describe me?  If you answer YES! to a lot of these characteristics…then yes, you ARE an ATHLETE!

1. Motivated

First and foremost, knowing what makes you step into the gym, onto the course, court, field, or track, or into the pool is key. Do results drive you? Does the sheer joy of moving move you? Are you excited to work with others towards a common goal? If you’re eager to dive into training and work hard towards achieving your goals, then you’re starting on the right foot.

2. Passionate

Be mindful of how you feel every time you step onto the training grounds or into the game. Combine your head with your heart and you’re off to an even better start.

3. Disciplined

You’ll know if you’re disciplined by the way your calendar looks. Do you notice an increase in time spent training or playing your sport? Are you willing to make short-term sacrifices for long-term goals? Can you leave life’s stresses out of practice to focus on your training and performance? The ability to be focused and disciplined are skills as important as knowing how to do a kick serve, curve ball, or ripping your entry! Get disciplined and get going!

4. Committed

Marking training sessions and games on your calendar AND showing up? It’s one thing to say you’ll do it and another thing to do it. You’re committed if you’re out there showing up with energy and drive to everything related to your sport(s).

5. Optimistic

Being optimistic as an athlete means anything related to your sport(s) excites you. Being able to stay positive on down training days, when the team loses, or mother nature rains on your game day is key when pursing athletic goals. In a way, sport can be your fill that glass that’s half-full!

6. Persistent

Results don’t come in a day, an hour, or because we wish them to happen. We must work persistently at our sport and with purpose to achieve results.

7. Supportive

Remember, there is no “I” in team! Support is always valuable whether you’re in training or game mode. Remember that optimism and positivity you have for yourself? Use your motivation to motivate others!

8. Competitive

Many athlete are talented, but the ones that truly distinguish themselves are the ones that have that fire in their belly to compete and win. When you’re down do you give up or dig in and go for it? Do you thrive when challenged? Do you take every day tasks and make a competition out of their completion like I do? If so, take that competitive edge and go for the W!

9. Confident

If you believe it, you can achieve it! Sounds cheesy, we know, but it’s true. It all goes back to how important it is to believe in your skills and your power. When you’ve put in the work, been a student of the game, and mentally prepared yourself for the challenge then you’ve already scored your first few points!

10. Coachable

To be coachable is so critical as you, an athlete, have to be able to take in feedback and incorporate it best into your training or sports performance. Even professional athletes train diligently, every day, to perfect their skills, enlist professionals to teach new techniques and strategies, and endeavor to continue to learn how to be the best.