When working with Coach Andrea, you’ll find yourself:

Defining the “fit” in fitness.

Put your twist on “fit!” Coach Andrea creates customized workout programs for athletes of all levels. With over 20 years as a Sports Performance Coach, Coach Andrea not only offers training options in Sports Performance, but also in Athletic Development, Golf Performance, Tennis Performance, and Reconditioning.

Creating & keeping healthy habits.

Habits become healthy from creating a set routine and sticking to it. In the training world, positive habits built lead to both an improvement in and out of the gym or your sport. Athletic Evolution SPT’s mission is to enhance performance and build confidence and work ethic, all of which can come from working with Coach Andrea on a set training schedule.

Being a champion in sport and life.

By learning how to work for and achieve athletic and personal goals, you’ll become a champion in sport and life. Coach Andrea will be your guide right by your side helping you out. In Coach Andrea’s words, “there is no better joy than watching an athlete do their first pull-up, or helping someone reach a goal that they’ve been working for a long time.”