Enhance your game or take your team to the next level with a customized training plan created by Coach Andrea Tyndall, a powerhouse of a Sports Performance Coach. With years of experience spent dedicated to learning the best training methods and practices, but also training the best youth, collegiate, and elite athletes all around the world, Coach Andrea’s focus is to help those of all ages be a champion in sports and in life. By teaching technical skills such as agility, footwork, and strength while encouraging individuals to be confident and dedicated, she provides the utmost support to anyone looking to improve performance, advance in their favorite sport, and achieve their health and fitness goals.   

Get to know more about the training programs offered by Coach Andrea:

Athletic Development
Sports Performance
Golf Performance
Tennis Performance
SportStretch and Recovery
Athletic Development

New to performance training? The Athletic Development Training program is the perfect start if you’re looking for an introduction to improved functional movement, body awareness, balance, and control that is the foundation to developing sport skills and success. The program is based on a combination of sports performance training concepts and the Long Term Athletic Development Model (LTAD), which is a seven-stage framework that encompasses the values of improving health and fitness, enhancing athletic performance, reducing the risk of injury, and developing confidence and competence across all ages. 


If you’re looking to begin Athletic Development Training, you can expect to: 

- Learn dynamic warm-ups that prepare the body for physical activity while incorporating balance, coordination, and injury prevention exercises

- Explore agility, strength, and core-focused drills to maximize efficiency and athleticism


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Sports Performance

Whether you play one sport or many, you can find major improvements in your overall performance with Sports Performance Training. Coach Andrea’s comprehensive Sports Performance Training program touches upon every critical point that’s needed to make a significant difference on the course, court, field, or track. Train with Coach Andrea and expand your knowledge and expertise in injury prevention strategies and strength, agility, and stamina exercises designed to take your performance to the next level.


If you’re seeking an opportunity to get started with Coach Andrea’s Sports Performance Training, you can expect to:

- Refine techniques and routines for Dynamic Warm-Ups and Cool Downs for practices, competitions and tournaments.

- Learn about additional strategies that support sport success such as nutrition, recovery, time management, etc

- Incorporate progressive sports performance training exercises and drills to maximize athleticism


Golfers and tennis players are encouraged to participate in a Golf-Specific Performance and Tennis-Specific Performance Training program.

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Golf Performance


In a Golf Performance Training session, Coach Andrea applies her knowledge acquired from her Level 1 Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certification to perform a TPI screening which looks at a golfer’s range of motion, flexibility, power, and stance to determine any physical limitations that may affect your swing.  The screen results are combined with information gathered at the initial consultation to develop a golf specific training program to introduce more power, range of motion, balance, and strength...and less pain...in every swing. Work with her and fully concentrate on perfecting the everyday work put out on the greens. 


If you’re looking to tee up for Golf Performance Training, you can expect to: 

- Learn a golf warm-up that you can perform in the gym AND on the course (instead of taking the first 4 holes to warm up).

- Connect movements and limitations in the gym to those on the course as improvements in simple physical training concepts can have a significant impact on your...impact!

- Target golf-specific movements and muscles with unique and functional exercises to develop a wide range of improved mechanic, motions, and drive.


For those interested in a deeper analysis of their athletic potential on the golf course, the Level 2 Fitness Assessment through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) looks to evaluate strength, power, and fitness characteristics.


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Tennis Performance

Coach Andrea has taken her evidence-based sport science knowledge and her tennis-specific training techniques to help improve the games of collegiate tennis players and elite tennis players from the Australian Institute of Sport in partnership with Tennis Australia. Now is your chance to experience how her Tennis Performance Training sessions can help maintain your sharp on-court skills and prepare you for your upcoming season and during the off-season.


This customized session is created to suit your needs and goals.


With Coach Andrea's guidance, you can expect to improve:

- First Step Explosion

- Overall Speed and Agility

- Power


With a mix of Coach Andrea’s agility, core strength, and endurance exercises, expect to be faster, stronger, and more agile on the court.


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Injuries are a part of the athletic process; whether you are training to the edge of your physical limits, an opponent takes you out, or a simple accidental trip or slip occurs, you may find yourself spending more time in the training room or physical therapist’s office than at practice, competing in leagues or tournaments, or in the gym. A Reconditioning Program is designed to help you transition from the sidelines to the starting line at full strength. While a medical clearance may mean the injury has been resolved, often general strength and fitness has been compromised during the rest, recovery, and rehabilitation process. 


Coach Andrea’s Reconditioning Program is recommended for if you are:

- Wanting to step back into the game with the same, or more, strength and fitness than before the injury occurred

- Getting cleared to resume activity again but are seeking confidence and trust in their abilities to step back into practices or competition

- Needing assistance with relearning how to use your body after an injury


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SportStretch and Recovery

Perfect for athletes or anyone just looking to warm up their muscles through movement. This 55 minute session targets typically tight areas and incorporates mobility. This program is perfect for any level of athleticism whether you are just starting out, getting back into fitness, or a professional level athlete.


With Coach Andrea's SportStretch Program, you can expect to:

- Improve your mobility

- Speed up your recovery

- Reverse any muscle tightness or soreness you might have.


This program is highly customized to suit each individual's needs. Decrease your risk of injury, help joints move through their full range of motion, increase blood flow, and feel healthier with a designed SportStretch program for you.


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