Importance of Sports Performance for Golf

Golfers are athletes, and athletes train for performance. Gone are the days of hitting the links without hitting the gym, but it’s important to train FOR golf with a dedicated program that addresses the needs of the game and golfer. … Continued

Top 10–Reasons to Hire a Trainer/Coach

1. Technique instruction–whether you are learning how to perfect your squat or push-up, or that new drill that helps your strength transition to sport specific movements, a coach can help you with dialing in the technique through coaching cues, exercise … Continued

Top 10 Tips for Super Sleep!

Sleep needs can vary depending on your age, lifestyle, and preference, but the general guidelines are 7-8 hours for adults and 9-10 hours for children per night…although many survive on less.  In order to turn that survive into thrive, here … Continued

10 Ways to Train Smarter, Not Harder

As much as you may want to go all in to your workout, remember the title of this Top 10: “Train Smarter, Not Harder.” What that means is finding the right training pace, frequency, and exercises that won’t overexert your … Continued

10 Ways to Get Started Achieving Your Goals

Coach Andrea has been planning to create her team to provide education, encouragement, and energy but often gets stuck like everyone else! So, what did she do? She evaluated what was stopping her from progress, utilized her problem-solving skills, made … Continued

Simple Steps (& Ideas) For Meal Prep

An Introduction and Inspiration to Meal Prep Picture it…Sicily 1912…just kidding! But seriously, picture it…you come home from a long day of work/school/training, it’s dinner-time and you are not only starving, but also exhausted.  You look in the kitchen for something … Continued