Sharing is Caring! Help your team improve by raising their athleticism. Help someone you know achieve their goals with physical training from Coach Andrea and Athletic Evolution SPT. Do you know someone who’s game is suffering because of pain and physical limitations? Get FREE sessions just for referring your team, friends, co-workers, or family!

Encourage your friend, family member, or teammate to contact Coach Andrea or share their contact information for Coach to contact them! By building our team you can share your successes with your friends or teammates, increase the challenges and teamwork options during sessions, and help maybe even expand the training session options for additional semi-private and small group training sessions!

Tips on getting your contacts onto our roster:

  • Talk about skills that you’ve learned and how they have helped your sport success
  • Challenge them to a strength, agility, or fitness competition
  • Mention your favorite experience, stretch, or technique
  • Describe how training with Coach Andrea is awesome!

How it works: when you refer a new teammate to Athletic Evolution SPT and that friend, family member, or teammate registers for a package or membership you will receive a free THANK YOU session (or sessions) applied immediately to your account! Simply share your referral’s contact information or have them reach out to Coach Andrea.

The more they purchase the more free THANK YOU sessions you earn!
–They buy a 10-pack or 12-training subscription = you get 1 FREE session*
–They buy 20-pack or 24-training subscription = you get 2 FREE sessions*

*Free sessions must be lesser than, or equal to, the value of the referred new client’s purchase.

Applies to private AND group sessions!

This isn’t a one-time deal! Coach Andrea & Athletic Evolution SPT will be tracking referrals, so the more you refer, the more bonus sessions and swag you can earn! So tell your friends, your family, and everyone you think would benefit from training with Coach Andrea.

–EVERY referral to join our team will earn you the free THANK YOU session(s)!
–5th referral to join our team–PLUS a t-shirt or hat!
–10th referral to join our team–PLUS long sleeve t-shirt or training goodie bag!

Are you a coach or not currently training with Athletic Evolution SPT and want to refer!?
Here’s a special option for you!
For every teammate you refer who purchases at least a $200/month training subscription or $600 package you earn either a $20 Amazon Gift Card OR $50 towards YOUR new training program!

Fine Print:
–A “new client” is considered someone who has not sports performance training with Coach Andrea & Athletic Evolution SPT in the last 12 months.
–You can receive discounts for an unlimited amount of referrals, however discounts cannot be combined, gifted or applied to sales or previous purchases.
–Bonus sessions are to be of the same, or lesser type of training sessions that your referral purchases.
–Athletic Evolution SPT will verify the referral and the qualified referring members will receive the free THANK YOU sessions directly to their account. Those sessions must be used within 3 months.
Please contact Coach Andrea at with any questions or inquires regarding this program.