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Fitness Training With A Purpose

Whether you are involved in an adult sport league or enjoy optimized training with a coach, the Functional Fitness Program (FFP) is for you! This program blends elements of the Sports Performance Program with an emphasis on cardio and mobility.

What can I learn in Coach Andrea’s Fitness Training Program?

This program goes beyond a workout. Coach Andrea creates an individualized program for you or your group based on your ability level and goals. Her programs are designed to boost individual health and leave you feeling great! Sessions include:

  • Flexibility, mobility, and balance work
  • Functional and full body strength and core exercises
  • A variety of fun and challenging formats
  • Cardiovascular fitness and work capacity

Coaching Towards Your Health Goals

The FFP is designed specifically for the adult training enthusiast. Whether your goal is improve your game, increase your fitness, or to get a great workout, Coach Andrea will modify the program and exercises to fit your goals, ability, and fitness level. This customized program will help you feel better, move better, and be better!

How can I best prepare for my first training session?

In the first session, Coach Andrea will provide a general physical assessment of mobility, flexibility, and strength. She will determine recommendations for a targeted and customized training plan as part of the Initial Screen and Consultation private session. The first session is about establishing a strong coach-to-athlete relationship, so you are encouraged to share short and long term athletic goals with Coach Andrea so your training can be an effective and collaborative effort.

What Do I Need For A Functional Fitness Session?

The session will utilize equipment such as the yoga mats, TRX Suspension trainers, foam blocks, mini-bands, weighted balls, stability balls, aerobic step, and dumbbells so that you are targeting specific muscles and areas, and focusing on your health and athleticism.

This session can be done in-person at the Athletic Evolution SPT facility or virtually via Zoom! If enjoying this session from home all you need is a space a little bigger than a yoga mat and a little bit of home equipment.

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