10 Ways to Get Started Achieving Your Goals

Coach Andrea has been planning to create her team to provide education, encouragement, and energy but often gets stuck like everyone else! So, what did she do? She evaluated what was stopping her from progress, utilized her problem-solving skills, made some lists, and GOT MOVING!

September 2020 All-Star: Amanda Fink

Meet Amanda Fink, avid tennis player and lover, who trains with Coach Andrea. In this featured all-star piece, Amanda talks about her love of the game along with her favorite flavors of ice cream and her cartoon character of choice she’d be for the week (if only cartoon characters could be real!)

10 Things to Consider When Purchasing Shoes for Training

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! Is that always the solution when it comes to athletic training? The simple answer is: remember quality over quantity. There are many factors that come into play when buying your next athletic shoe and Coach Andrea is here to provide a checklist to help guide you through your next purchase.

June 2020 All-Star: Alan Kerscher

Avid golfer, Alan Kerscher, lets us all in on his motivation for being on the greens and his favorite thing about golf performance training. Plus, don’t miss out on reading about who his favorite sports hero is and what he would build with one million dollars if he had the opportunity.

10 Ways You Can Relax, Recover, and Recharge!

As a somewhat high strung, Type A personality, Coach Andrea has a plethora of strategies to quiet her mind and slip off into slumber; take advantage of her ‘homework’ to discover which of Athletic Evolution SPT’s top 10 ways of relaxing, recovering, and recharging that might work for you!

Simple Steps (& Ideas) For Meal Prep

With some meal prep, you may feel more pep to your everyday steps! As much as we focus on our daily physical activity, we can’t forget about the everyday fuel we consume to keep our bodies working and moving. The thought of meal prepping won’t be as overwhelming when reading through Coach Andrea’s easy steps to meal prep!

May 2020 All-Star: Daquan Philip

Meet Daquan Philip, the myth, the man, the legend, the intern extraordinaire! Daquan has been working closely with Coach Andrea to increase his knowledge in the wonderful world of fitness and to one day begin leading his own small group and private training sessions. Hard work pays off! Learn more about Daquan’s background and his love for fitness.

10 Gym Equipment Alternatives Already in Your Home

Get creative and get your workout ON at the same time! We’ve compiled ten different exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home with simple everyday items such as milk jugs (yes, we’re being serious), backpacks, and chairs. Read more about what we recommend to do while being at home and start incorporating these exercises into your everyday fitness routine.

What’s New? Training, Scheduling, and Online Awesomeness

No gym? No problem! While we enter an exercise and sport enthusiasts worst nightmare of no gyms, no parks, no practices, and no leagues or competitions we can sulk in our sofas OR get creative and active! Do you have space in your garage, yard, or living room? Use the space to exercise. Do you have an internet connection and a camera on your computer? Schedule a live training session and join Coach Andrea and possibly others for exercise!

April 2020 All-Star: Jeff Bibbs

Every month, Athletic Evolution SPT puts the spotlight on a client. This April, we’re featuring Jeff Bibbs, an avid golfer and tennis player. Learn more about Jeff’s training with Coach Andrea and who is favorite sports hero is!

10 Ways to Develop Power For Your Sport

The ability to develop and exert force quickly is critical in athletic performance! Whether you are hitting a “winner” on the tennis courts, spiking in front of the 10’ line,  or swinging for a hole-in-one (or the fences!), executing any of those moves with more power can be the difference between success and a missed opportunity. Here are 10 ways you can add explosiveness into your training sessions, practices, and in the game,  match, or event!

Spring Pantry Cleaning Tips For You

Out with the old, in with the new. Spring has always been associated with cleaning! Whether we are putting away winter clothes, reorganizing storage spaces to make room for new projects, or FINALLY putting away the holiday decorations, spring cleaning is a great way to kickstart the season. However, have you ever “spring cleaned” your pantry?

The Top 10 Characteristics of an Athlete

Let’s be real: there are more than ten characteristics or words to describe what it means to be an athlete. Which word(s) best describe you? Most assume that to be considered to be an ‘athlete’ that you need to be a professional with your jersey sold in sporting good stores, train 6 days a week like it’s your job, or look like the fitness phenomenons at the CrossFit Games…however, these are just the extreme end of what can qualify someone as an athlete.