Summer 2023 All-Sport Fitness

Do you need to focus on your fitness? Do you, ‘have the need for speed’?

Whether you are dashing to a sideline or sprinting to the net, having the correct technique can significantly decrease the time it takes to reach your goal. Efficient movement also allows you to maintain that quickness longer in a game or match so when you are down in the 3rd or behind at the half being a better mover will help you get back in the game.

In addition to technique, strength and conditioning also have a huge impact on the ability to be quick and explosive. The All-Sport Fitness will focus primarily on the technique of speed and agility, while practicing those new skills, repeatedly, to both help with making the new movements more permanent but also building up the work capacity and stamina needed for longer competitions, tournaments, and those rare games that go into overtime!

This is a special session! This group is scheduled as a Small Group Training program requiring at least 6 athletes…so, if you are interested contact Coach Andrea!

Select the SIGN UP button to purchase your 6-session* package. Package is sold with 6-sessions to accommodate our busy schedules; if your availabilty is good for all 8 sessions please Contact Coach for a link to purchase add-on sessions.

Sessions start June 16th at 8:30-9:30am and run through August 4th. Workouts will be held at Coach’s Training Space, local parks, pools, or hills to provide variety and fun and are open to ALL ages and ALL athletes!

Does the session conflict with a local clinic? Check with Coach as she has relationships with many local sport coaches who value the benefit of specific fitness training and are supportive of athletes coming slightly late to clinic…and bonus—they will already be warmed up and ready to GO!

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