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Golf Performance sessions are designed for the competitive high school, college and adult athlete.

Sessions Available In Person, Virtually Via Zoom, or Online

Refine Your Golf Game

Coach Andrea offers several options for golfers of every skill level. Her customized coaching plan includes the following programs:

  • Golf TPI Level 1 Screen
  • Golf TPI Level 2 Performance Testing
  • Golf Performance
  • Golf Fitness

To achieve optimal performance on the greens, it’s often a matter of evaluating what could be limiting your game and focusing on how to improve it. Coach Andrea begins the first Golf Performance Training session with a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 1 Screen and uses this data to assess what techniques, drills, warm-up, and cool-down exercises need to be included in your training to improve your golf game.

What is a TPI Level 1 Screen? How can it help my golf swing?

Coach Andrea utilizes the Level 1 & 2 Certifications from TPI to develop an individualized program that will minimize physical restrictions that are limiting your golf game. This program focuses on mobility, stability, strength, and power. Coach Andrea will work with you to increase your power, club head speed, and swing while lowering your scores and handicap.

The following athletic aspects are tested in a TPI screening:

  • Stability through the joints
  • Mobility of the muscles through movements
  • Overall control and coordination

Using the results of the screen, Coach Andrea determines which exercises will target your physical limitations to open up the possibilities of more power, better mobility, and/or less pain in your golf swing. Her ultimate goal is to get you feeling more balanced and powerful every time you step up to the tee.

What happens after I get my TPI screening?

Coach Andrea will create a customized training program for you to keep you structured and on track with your game based on the information from the screen and initial consultation. This personalized plan evolves as you progress, so your training sessions always match and challenge your skill level.

What happens during a Golf Performance Session?

With the customized workout in hand, Coach Andrea will instruct and guide athletes through their workout. Continuing to touch base with progress on the course, exercises may be adjusted or substituted to better align with golf lessons and desired goals.

The session will utilize equipment such as the yoga mats, TRX Suspension trainers, foam blocks, mini-bands, weighted balls, stability balls, and dumbbells so that you are focusing on the muscles and joints to improve your physicality for your golf game. Advanced athletes will also use traditional strength training equipment such as a squat rack, Rip Trainer, multi-purpose bench, Olympic bar and more!

This session can be done in-person at the Athletic Evolution SPT facility or virtually via Zoom! If enjoying this session from home all you need is a space a little bigger than a yoga mat and a little bit of home equipment.

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