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Sports Performance sessions are for competive high school, college and adults athletes, or former athletes who still want to train like an athlete.

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Sport Fitness And Performance Coaching

Sport specific coaching to improve an athlete’s power, strength, agility, speed, and endurance is Coach Andrea’s main specialty. No matter what sport you play, Coach Andrea can help hone your athletic skills. She holds certifications for:

She works with athletes of all ages and skill levels to ensure that they are challenging themselves and strengthening their skills. Coach Andrea is always expanding her knowledge in sport-specific training and keeping up with industry educational opportunities. Get started in Sports Performance Training and find yourself aligning more and more with the Athletic Evolution SPT Mission Statement – being a champion in sports and in life!

What does a Sports Performance Program entail?

Coach Andrea’s expert Sports Performance Training Program consists of teaching effective movement patterns. With her coaching, athletes then strengthen those movements to improve quickness, speed, and agility. The importance of teaching athletes proper mechanics, while also working on the physical characteristics of athleticism, is what creates a well-rounded, balanced, and coachable athlete.

You can choose to set up your program structure to be in a one-on-one, semi-private, small or large group, or entire team training environment. Sports Performance Training requires at least two training sessions per week to progress and evolve athletically. Results from this program are enjoyed by the athlete using them, the sport coach who trains them, and the parents cheering from the stands.

Why should I work with a Sports Performance Coach?

A great coach keeps you motivated and supported. By reminding you to push past your limiting beliefs to achieve optimal performance, Coach Andrea holds the key to knowledge and equipment that can help speed up your results. A positive professional coach-to-athlete relationship will help with your overall athletic growth and development.

Coach Andrea prioritizes a team-based approach when it comes to athletic fundamentals. She collaborates with a team of experts to cover the entirety of your athletic needs, and can refer you to Sports Psychologists, Sports Medicine practitioners, body work specialists, and Registered Dieticians who focus on sports nutrition for an all-bases covered approach. The individualized plan Coach Andrea will come up with for you will give you the edge you need to progress past your competition.

Serious Benefits For Serious Athletes

Participating in Coach Andrea’s Sports Performance Training Program yields increased results for athletes. Her professional coaching will:

  • Decrease injuries through consistent activation and recovery of core muscles used in your sport
  • Increase strength and speed for more explosive movements and quicker reaction times
  • Improve athletic performance using efficient movement to optimize agility, coordination, flexibility, and work capacity
  • Correct any weaknesses such as inefficient running technique, poor shoulder mechanics, or poor lateral movement
  • Coach you on proper nutrition as it relates to fueling and recovery during training or gameday
  • Meet your goals and help you progress in your sport: Make the team, earn the starting spot, win the championship, get the scholarship!

How do I know if a Sports Performance Training Program is right for me?

Simply put, a dedicated Sports Performance Training Program is right for you if you want to improve.

Are you limited in learning new technical skills due to physical weaknesses?

Do you suffer from frequent injuries and lose significant practice time?

Do you need to add distance, decrease time, or improve some other measure of performance to compete at your desired level?

Each individualized Sport Performance program is unique and made just for you. Coach Andrea’s clients may differ in age, ability, and sport, but they all have one thing in common: they are looking to improve their game.

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