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Reconditioning sessions are designed for athletes who’ve been cleared by medical professionals for return-to-play but need to regain strength, fitness, and confidence lost during the rehabilitation process.

Sessions Available In Person, Virtually Via Zoom, or Online

Athletic Reconditioning For Return To Play

Coach Andrea assists injured athletes who have been cleared by their medical team for activity, but are not yet ready for 100% participation. She works with you as you transition from functional back to your full strength. Each sports related injury is unique and requires an individualized protocol. Coach Andrea works hand in hand with your medical professional team to prioritize your health and regain of function to get you back on the court or field.

Make Your Comeback Stronger Than The Setback

Coach Andrea creates personalized plans to accelerate the return to play transition. She focuses on regaining the strength and fitness that might be lost during the rehabilitation process. Working with your medical team, Coach Andrea will modify the intensity and duration of exercises as you progress to full strength. This ensures that you will regain, and possibly even improve, your level of pre-injury strength and fitness.

How soon after an injury can I work with Coach Andrea?

If you’ve been cleared by your medical team to get back to your sport, but don’t feel confident to play at your best, then Reconditioning Training is for you. This personalized program improves strength, fitness, and courage. The goal is to get you back to the court, course, field, or track to play your best.

This program is customized for any type of injury from any sport. It is important that you connect Coach Andrea with your medical team so that they may collaborate on the best way to work with you as you heal. She will coach you to regain function and fitness level, but also on how to prevent sport related injuries from happening again. Coach Andrea specializes in athletic reconditioning for:

  • Back pain
  • Overuse injuries
  • Muscle, joint, and ligament injuries
  • Atrophy from rehabilitation
  • Sport performance confidence

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