What is SportStretch?

Your SportStretch & Recovery session is 1 hour per week that will make your other 167 hours feel fabulous!

This 55 minute session is designed to:

  • Increase your athleticism while improving mobility
  • Dynamically warm-up the muscles through movement
  • Release typically tight areas such as the hips, hamstrings, back, and shoulders
  • Work out soreness and improve recovery time
  • Leave you feeling AMAZING and ready to take on the world!

What makes SS&R different:

  • This program comes with hands-on guidance with a trained Sports Performance Coach, helping you to achieve your goals while leaving you feeling more free in your body.
  • This isn’t your usual boring stretching routine, but it will have some familiar positions that will have a specific focus to get the best of those classic stretches can give.
  • This isn’t yoga, but does have yoga-inspired movements. These stretches target specific muscles for maximum relief.
  • Though it’s not a full-blown “workout,” you will break a sweat as we stretch those muscles into submission. The entire program is designed to naturally increase your athleticism while improving mobility and give you that much-needed recovery.
  • Anyone can participate! All ages and levels can enjoy this program, regardless of where you’re starting. And by working side-by-side you’ll gain a sense of community which helps improve results!

We all spend a majority of our time neglecting and abusing our bodies so it’s important to put some time and effort into managing and/or reversing the tightness, soreness, and damage that we inflict upon ourselves.

Who is SportStretch and Recovery for?

Everyone! Whether you live an active lifestyle or are more sedentary, your body will benefit from this program.

SportStretch is very effective for all types, including:

  • Golfers: Not rotating properly through a swing causes compensations that would affect the swing, club head speed, technique, and cause pain
  • Tennis Players: Tight hips limit agility and speed mechanics
  • Teens: Often lose flexibility during growth spurts which can impact performance and lead to injuries
  • Older Adults: We ALL lose flexibility as we age which can affect quality of life and general function
  • All Athletes: Many athletes train hard and frequently, but rarely put in recovery work and continually abuse their bodies. This session helps to reset and heal

By giving yourself dedicated proper stretching, you’ll increase your mobility, blood flow, and overall health. No matter if you’re a top-level athlete or just starting out.

What do I need for a SportStretch session?

The session will utilize equipment such as the yoga mats, TRX Suspension trainers, foam blocks, stretching ropes, and foam rollers to leave you more mobile, functional, and feeling great!  

This session can be done in-person at the Athletic Evolution SPT facility or virtually via Zoom! If enjoying this session from home all you need is a space a little bigger than a yoga mat and a little bit of home equipment.

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