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Athletic Development sessions are for motivated middle school athletes.

Sessions Available In Person to keep younger athletes focused and having fun.

Introduction to Performance Enhancement Coaching

The Athletic Development Program is designed to build a solid technical foundation for athletic enjoyment and success. This program focuses on developing functional and efficient movement patterns, basic strength, and coordination. Coach Andrea creates customized performance training sessions that are appropriate to the age, ability, and goal of the athlete. Her sessions blend elite training principles with fun and challenging exercises. This program ensures that young athletes enjoy making the most of their athletic potential.

Education for an Enjoyable, Effective, and Fun Fitness Training Program

Coach Andrea provides the utmost support to athletes looking to improve performance, advance in their favorite sport, and achieve their health and fitness goals. She teaches technical skills such as agility, footwork, and strength. Her coaching encourages individuals to be confident and dedicated in their sport. The Athletic Development Training Program is the right fit for younger athletes who want their physical skills to match their technical skills, have fun, learn about fitness, and succeed athletically!

What can I learn in Coach Andrea’s Athletic Development Training Program?

The Athletic Development Training Program introduces components of physical performance such as strength, speed, power, and fitness. The key focus of this program is development. Coach Andrea’s program is based on the progressive Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) Model. This model describes the aspects of athletic development that are maximized at specific ages and stages based on physical, emotional, and social development.

In the Athletic Development Training Program, athletes will:

  • Engage in dynamic warm-ups that improve mechanics, mobility, and flexibility
  • Perform injury prevention exercises
  • Learn about muscles and movements while exploring and creating proper athletic mechanics
  • Progress through exercises and drills as their abilities and confidence improve
  • Develop positive habits such as hydration and nutrition for each game day or practice
  • Finish with cool down exercises designed to improve flexibility and recovery that will set good, lifelong fitness habits

How can I best prepare for my first training session?

In the first session, Coach Andrea will provide a general physical assessment of mobility, flexibility, and strength. She will determine recommendations for a targeted and customized training plan as part of the Initial Screen and Consultation private session. The first session is about establishing a strong coach-to-athlete relationship, so you are encouraged to share short and long term athletic goals with Coach Andrea so your training can be an effective and collaborative effort.

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