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Tennis Performance Training sessions are designed for competitive high school, college and adult athletes.

Sessions Available In Person, Virtually Via Zoom, or Online

Improve Your Tennis Game

Coach Andrea offers several options for tennis players of every skill level. Her customized coaching plan includes the following programs:

  • RacquetFit Screen & Initial Assessment
  • Tennis Performance
  • Tennis Fitness

Tennis requires speed, agility, and explosive power, as well as remaining balanced and having racquet control with every swing. Coach Andrea has developed programs for beginners to players with decades of experience, juniors to professional tennis players, as well as numerous D1 Collegiate tennis programs rom the Australian Institute of Sport in partnership with Tennis Australia. Combining experience, education, and tennis specific certifications (RacquetFit and the International Tennis Performance Association) Coach Andreas programs focus on elevating performance, preventing injury, building core strength, and improving endurance and agility on the court.

What does a Tennis Performance Training Program entail?

Tennis Performance Training is customized to a player’s needs and goals. Coach Andrea creates sessions for you and your game whether you want to develop first step explosion, power endurance, better strength, reaction time, or stability.

Coach Andrea works with tennis players ages 10+ to improve:

  • First-step explosion: Being a step ahead of your opponent on the court
  • Overall speed and agility: Getting your body and your racket to the ball in time
  • Power: Hitting the ball consistently over the net
  • Accuracy: Outmaneuver your opponents with well-placed hits

In your Tennis Performance Training session, you can expect to get served dynamic warm-ups and participate in agility, endurance, and strength exercises. Coach Andrea tailors each session based upon your personal performance assessment and works with you to achieve your athletic goals. She will give you personal recommendations for tennis related fitness improvement, as well as encourage good habits like stretching and recovery work.

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