January 2023–2nd Saturday Hike

(rain delayed to the 4th Saturday…oops) Join us for our bi-monthly hikes! Our 1st event will be Saturday, January 20th…er…28th due to rain, 2023 at 9am. Be ready to step it up with a water bottle, comfortable hiking shoes, and … Continued

January 2023–Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness for the “Weekend Warrior” Start your performance journey today–offer ends 1/31/23! Curious but not sure if this is for you?Trial Session only $20! Contact us to schedule your trial Functional Fitness SGT session offered on Friday mornings at … Continued

December 2023 All Star–Difei Zhu

Difei has been putting in the work since October of 2020.  Whether we are working around injuries, her busy schedule, or Covid she has shown that consistency is key in building a strong foundation for athletic performance.  It’s been awesome … Continued

Top 10–Reasons to Hire a Trainer/Coach

1. Technique instruction–whether you are learning how to perfect your squat or push-up, or that new drill that helps your strength transition to sport specific movements, a coach can help you with dialing in the technique through coaching cues, exercise … Continued

2020 Toe Touch Challenge

What often starts as a funny idea often ends up as a project…because that’s how Coach Andrea rolls! So when I jokingly said that all I wanted for Christmas was for all of my athletes to be able to touch … Continued

Top 10 Tips for Super Sleep!

Sleep needs can vary depending on your age, lifestyle, and preference, but the general guidelines are 7-8 hours for adults and 9-10 hours for children per night…although many survive on less.  In order to turn that survive into thrive, here … Continued