Importance of Sports Performance for Golf

Golfers are athletes, and athletes train for performance. Gone are the days of hitting the links without hitting the gym, but it’s important to train FOR golf with a dedicated program that addresses the needs of the game and golfer. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider adding a Golf Performance Program to your game plan.

  1. Improve your swing power and distance with targeted strength training.
    • Muscles are amazing. By specific strength training and power development exercises, especially rotational power, can significantly improve your power and distance by improving the coordination and timing of your swing. Add strength to a properly executed swing and increased club head speed will send your ball screaming down the fairway!
  2. Build your golf-specific muscles for a more consistent and controlled swing.
    • Train for golf! Not for football, what looks easy, or to rate on TikTok. Golf is a highly skilled sport and requires training that focuses on the needs of a golfer.
  3. Increase your flexibility and range of motion to maximize your golf performance.
    • Mobility is a key component to a proper swing. When lack of flexibility limits the necessary range of motion the body will compensate which leads to power leaks, improper swing mechanics, and possible injury.
  4. Reduce your risk of injury and stay healthy for the entire season.
    • If you are injured you can’t perform at your best, but may also change your swing to avoid pain thereby increasing the likelihood of additional injuries and decreased scores. Performance training incorporates strength and stability exercises designed to develop a solid athletic foundation and future golf success.
  5. Gain the confidence you need to compete at your highest level.
    • Stepping onto the course when you know you are strong, powerful, and have put in the work will give you an edge over your competitiors…and whatever the course or mother nature might throw at you.
  6. Train with experienced coaches who specialize in golf-specific strength training.
    • Finding professionals that are knowledgeable and experienced with golf is important to ensure you are getting the correct type of training and programming. Coach Andrea has worked with junior to mature golfers lowering handicaps, increasing distance and club head speed, and improving health and fitness for years, while gathering Golf specific certifications to improve your game and stay on top of the latest golf training trends.
  7. Develop a personalized training plan tailored to your unique goals and needs.
    • If you don’t assess, it’s just a guess! Starting a Golf Performance training program starts with a TPI Level 1 Screen which is a 13 point physical assessment tool specifically for golf. This screen will highlight any deficiencies and includes a breakdown how any limitations may be impacting your game.
  8. Utilize tried and true equipment, specialized training tools, and instructional techniques to achieve optimal results.
    • Captializing on years of experience, education, and coaching creativity, Coach Andrea is able to apply a variety of tools and techniques to support skills being practices with pros and on the range, while developing overall athleticism, health, and fitness.
  9. Join a community of like-minded golfers who are dedicated to improving their game.
    • Golfing with your favorite foursome is a great way to challenge your game, but training with other golfers who are dedicated will significantly improve your sessions. By challenging and supporting training partners the sessions are more effective and more fun!
  10. Take your game to the next level and unlock your full potential on the course.
    • There are many components to a successful athletic journey: technique, strength and fitness, mental skills, nutrition, and injury prevention or recovery. Athletic Evolution SPT, and their professional partners, can give you the tools to make the most of the lessons with your golf pro, time at the practice range, and your lifetime of golf!
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