February 2023 Strength-in-Numbers

Just another Brick in the Wall
So. Many. Appropriate Songs!

Remove a Block, Save a Heart Workout!

UPDATE! This event will now be benefiting Americares who are assisting in the humanitarian relief effort in Turkey and Syria.

Since the moment I scurried up to the top of the hill on my first visit to this property, it was obvious that a better retaining wall system would be necessary…well, it’s finally HAPPENING! Work is scheduled to start on February 20th which means the existing blocks need to go to make room for the new walls and training spaces! This upgrade to the training facility will include stairs to run up, a sand pit for training, and an upper terrace lounge…as well as securing the hill and improving drainage. However, in order to do that there are 100+ concrete blocks that need to be removed. :O

BONUS! Here’s an opportunity for our first major charity event for 2023! While Tom Sawyer convinced his friends to paint so he didn’t have to, I see a chance to gather our team for good….and good heart health.

February is American Heart Month.  Coach Andrea has a number of family members who have suffered, or died, from heart related diseases or events…as I’m sure many of you do.  Let’s take some time this month to get our hearts beating to raise funds for the American Heart Association.

We raised $1000 for Ukrainian humanitarian relief with our SuperHero Workout* last year–
can we beat that number for the American Heart Association!?
(*Stay tuned as we will don our capes, masks, and superpowers again at the end of April;
we can’t stop Putin but we can still help the people of Ukraine.)

Help Coach Andrea AND the American Heart Association this February!

We are inviting current (and former!) athletes, their parents, siblings, spouses, friends, family, and anyone interested in helping Coach Andrea and the American Heart Association.

When: Sunday February 19, 2023 from 10am-12pm


RSVP and Team Up! 
Just like the Jog-a-Thons of old…get a sponsor to pledge a dollar amount per “block” moved! You can sign up as a team OR we can place you on one if you need a team. Athletes or individuals that are unable to lift the blocks will be able to cheer us on, but also tally the number of blocks removed.

Day of:  

Start: 10am for instructions and a quick warm-up to prep our bodies
Timers will be set in 15min intervals to incorporate water and rest breaks
Finish: 11:45am with a mini-SportStretch & Recovery session to prevent the post-event soreness

Be sure to bring: gardening/work gloves, water, sunscreen
*Must be able to lift 50+ pounds safely by yourself or with a partner; no carts/dollies/wagons are allowed!  This is also a workout ya’ll!

Real time update of the process and progress via social media–
follow on Instagram and/or Facebook at CoachAndreaTyndall!

At the end of the event, totals for each athlete will be listed and provided to sponsors. Please have all donations in by 2/27/23 as all contributions will be delivered to the American Heart Association the following day (also, Coach Andrea’s Birthday!). Sponsors should submit all donations (via Venmo, Zelle, cash, check, etc) to Athletic Evolution SPT by 2/27/23.

Can’t participate but would like to donate? Sponsor someone!
–To sponsor a participant, contact Coach Andrea to be randomly assigned to a participant. We will let you know who you’ve been assigned to so you can cheer them on!
–OR simply donate and we will include your contribution.

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