Top 10 Gym Equipment Alternatives Already in Your Home

No gym? No problem!

As we continue to exercise without access to the gym, we may look to the resources closest to us and get creative. Check out 10 gym equipment alternatives already in your home and how you can use them to stay active in your fitness routine and have some FUN!

Use your backpack while doing a walking lunge.

Make use of your couch and do a one-legged lunge.

Get in some tricep dips on a chair.

Do the Prone Ts exercise to help strengthen your mid-back and all you need is yourself, a towel, and soup cans.

Encourage a family member/friend to keep active and do a partner workout!

Find a sports ball and a wall and get in some wall balls for a full body workout.

Go for a push-up on your set of stairs.

Try a plank drag with a milk/water jug.

Use a roller pin to not only make your post workout pizza, but also to also work out your core (ab roller) or get your muscle looser (foam roller).

Use your own body! Go for a run or do body weight exercises at home.

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