1st Annual Mother’s Day SportStretch & Recovery Training for Charity Event

Friday 5/12/2023 @ 5:30pm!!!

SPORTSTRETCH & RECOVERY–this is a session is for EVERYONE! If you need to relax, be able to touch your toes, open your hips for a better swing or mobility for speed and agility then this is for you…this session is designed for anyone who needs it as modifications and various levels of the mobility movements and stretches will be provided.
This session is particularly beneficial for athletes who need mobility and flexibility for their sport; it’s also great to facilitate recovery after particularly hard workouts or competitions!

CHARITY–Mothers are caregivers…whether they are tending to sick children, feeding pets, or caring for the planet we call home, mothers spend so much time, energy, and love caring for others that they often neglect to take care of themselves. This year Coach Andrea is inviting you to the our caring community of athletes, active adults, and the people that love them as there is Strength in Numbers! We are fundraising for women’s reproductive health as whether we decide to have children or not, our bodies require special care. With the skyrocketing cost of health care it’s more important than ever to help ensure all of us, regardless of our income can get the care we need.

This event is THIS Friday so please grab a group of your favorite mothers and register today! 🙂

Athletic Evolution SPT match–Coach Andrea donates too! She will match the average donation up to $250…so the more you donate, the more Coach Andrea donates!

We will post how much we are able to donate on Instagram (CoachAndreaTyndall).
Follow for pics and information from the event!

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