April 2020 All-Star Athlete: Jeff Bibbs

What do you feel are your main strengths in golf/tennis?
What is nice about my situation is that I have the opportunity to work on both golf and tennis at the club because Santaluz is set up to provide excellent support for both sports.  In fact, for tennis I play on Santaluz teams which play other clubs; for golf I play in the winter team-play series as well as the Valley Cup competition in May.  For me, monitoring progress is important.  Preforming well in these competitions motivates me to work hard to be better. However, it is not just winning but also making progress such as: rotation of my hips through a swing, general stamina, and getting to balls I wouldn’t normally get to, etc.  Although these competitions continue to motivate me to work hard, probably the most fun for me is beating my buddies (at tennis and golf) and to remind them that they are much younger.
What do you like about training?
One of the things I like about training, whether it’s with Amanda (for tennis) or it is with Andrea (for agility, strength or flexibility) is discussing strategies for improvement/progress.  For example, with Amanda we may discuss general court strategies as well as work on shots and consistency.  With Andrea, we discuss how certain focuses during workouts translate to the tennis court or the golf course.  We also discuss what doesn’t work as well.  This teamwork-like approach makes training so more fun! 

Who is your favorite sports hero?
For me I have two sports heroes, both named Roger – Staubach and Federer. Being born and raised in Dallas I followed and admired Roger Staubach (quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys).  I have been lucky enough to spend some time with him.   Not only was he a great football player but he is a great family man and a hugely successful business man (look up his net worth). Federer (38 years old) is also a great athlete and he continues to play great in a sport where the competition is sometimes 15-20 years younger than him. Both of these guys have set great examples for all athletes.
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