July 2020 All-Star Athlete: Margie and Stephanie Milam

Margie (mother) & Stephanie Milam (daughter) currently train with Coach Andrea from Athletic Evolution SPT. While they have different sports and fitness specialities, what they do have in common is that they absolutely BRING IT in every training session. Get to know more about Margie and Stephanie:

Margie’s responses:

Q: Where does confidence come from? Where does YOUR confidence come from?
A: My confidence comes from doing things people think I won’t do or can’t do. The thing about it is that you don’t have to be the best to be successful. You just have to be willing to take risks and not let your fears hold you back. If you start with baby steps towards your goal and keep on going, before you know it – you’ve accomplished it. Lots of people will tell you – you’re too old, too uncoordinated, too [you name it!] – but honestly they are projecting their fears & insecurities on you. You’re the captain of your life’s journey – just chart the path & stick to it!

Q: What about sport brings me the most joy?
A: My sport is Zumba — it brings me so much joy to dance to latin music & have a great cardio workout at the same time. When I was in college I was a cheerleader at UCLA & loved to dance. I rediscovered my love of dance when I took up Zumba – it combined so many passions of mine, music, & my culture (I’m Colombian and Zumba was started by Colombians!). It literally brought tears to my eyes hearing about Colombia and using the music as a way to forget my troubles.

Q: What am I going to change tomorrow to make me better than I was today?
A: I’m going to make time to bond with others at a deep personal level. It’s so easy to think you bond with people by reading their Facebook or Instagram posts – but you need to take the extra step of texting them, calling them, and letting them know they are important to you. I’m inspired by how Andrea works so hard at reaching & connecting with people and want to make sure that I do the same, even when I am tired after a long day at work.

Q: What is your favorite movie about sports?
A: Unbroken – the story of Louie Zamparini, who ran in the 1936 Olympics–this experience taught him so much about loyalty, teamwork and not giving up. It was especially moving to see how Zamparini supported Jesse Owens in the Olympics at a time when the Nazis were especially racist, declaring that they could in fact be beaten by someone from another race. Louie’s confidence & training in athletics helped him to withstand the horrors of WW2 as a Japanese prisoner of war, and inspired generations of athletes.

Q: How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?
A: Absolutely NOT – it’s simply wrong to put pineapple on pizza — too sweet for the incredible savory combination of bread, tomato sauce & oozing cheese!

Stephanie’s responses:

Q: What about my sport brings me the most joy?
A: I derive the most joy and meaning from the teamwork involved with volleyball. Every decision on and off the court impacts the success of the team, whether that’s a cheer, feedback, or covering your teammates when a block is up. Not only does it make me proud of the success we achieve as a whole, it allows me to celebrate the individual work I put in on a day to day basis that contributes to our win.

Q: What inspires you to be physically active or exercise?
A: Since my injury, I have become more appreciative of the way endorphins contribute to mental health across the board. Being physically active allows me to become in tune with my body, take my mind off day-to-day stressors, feel supported by my physical self, and recognize the joy of putting in work to achieve a goal. 

Q: How did athletics make you a better student or worker?
A: Athletics taught me a number of vital skills that translate to both academic and work environments. I have learned the value of teamwork, multi-tasking, critical communication, leadership, confidence, and organization–all of which can be directly applied to my studies or my workplace. They also taught me how to prioritize, capitalize on time management, and persevere in the wake of difficulty.

Q: If you had the ability to do magic like Harry Potter, how would you use it?
A: I would probably try to fly, enchant objects to do my chores, and (most importantly) transfigure myself into an animal (probably a bird).

Q: How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?
A: Hold the pineapple, keep the ham coming. 

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