Have you ever wondered how professional athletes become such dominant athletes? Three words: Athletic Development Training… okay, and good genetics! While the DNA selection is done, specific training can be the difference between being average and making the most of your potential. In order to play in a game at the best level, you need to learn how to train the best way for yourself. Your training plan varies depending on sport, age, and intensity, but what remains the same for all athletes is the end goal: to achieve a consistent, top-notch performance each and every game. Train with Coach Andrea and gain valuable insight into the best training methods to incorporate before, during, and after every game. 

What can you expect to learn in Coach Andrea’s Athletic Development Training Program?

The Athletic Development Training Program introduces components of physical performance such as strength, speed, power, and fitness. A keyword that can not be overlooked is “development.” Coach Andrea’s program is based on the progressive Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) Model, which describes the aspects of athletic development that are maximized at specific ages and stages based on physical, emotional, and social development.  

In the Athletic Development Training Program, athletes:

  • Train usually once per week
  • Engage in dynamic warm-ups that improve mechanics, mobility, and flexibility while incorporating injury prevention exercises
  • Learn about muscles and movements while exploring and creating proper mechanics
  • Progress though exercises and drills as their abilities improve
  • Develop positive habits to include before, during, and after each game/practice (hydration, nutrition, etc)
  • Finish with recovery exercises designed to improve flexibility and mobility

How can I best prepare for my first training session?

In the first session, Coach Andrea will provide a general physical assessment of mobility, flexibility, and strength to determine recommendations for a targeted, customized training plan. The first session is also about establishing a strong coach-to-athlete relationship, so you are encouraged to share short and long term athletic goals with Coach Andrea so the training can be an effective and collaborative effort. 

How do I get started with Athletic Development Training? 

To begin training with Coach Andrea, book your session today!