Injuries can be both a physical and emotional stressor. The physical stress comes from pain or immobility from the injury, while the emotional stress occurs when you have to take time away from the sport you love. The key to regaining strength and confidence back is undergoing a Reconditioning Program. Coach Andrea’s Reconditioning Program teaches you how to make the comeback stronger than the setback. Coach Andrea has dedicated more than twenty years of her career working with athletes of all ages and levels to build strength, confidence, and endurance. She holds a wealth of knowledge from training and education from the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association and the National Strength and Conditioning Association

How can Coach Andrea’s Reconditioning Program help?

  • Coach Andrea works with your doctor or physical therapist to ensure that the Reconditioning Program complements the rehabilitation process. 
  • Coach Andrea’s full attention is focused on exercises that’ll help regain, and possibly even improve, your level of pre-injury strength and fitness. 

How soon after an injury can I begin the Reconditioning Program with Coach Andrea?

A natural reaction after an injury may be to jump right back into the sport, though if you push yourself too soon, it may put you at risk for reinjury.  Reconditioning training accelerates the return to play transition as it focuses on maintaining the strength and fitness that might be lost during the rehabilitation process while modifying the intensity and duration of exercises to accommodate the injury. Together, you and Coach Andrea can begin working as soon as you are cleared by your physician to find an appropriate level of exercise. 

What if I’m already working with a doctor or physical therapist on rehabilitation? Can I still work with Coach Andrea?

YES! Coach Andrea works with your doctor or physical therapist to assist in the return to play process. Reconditioning training complements rehabilitation; while the DR/PT works on the affected injury.

What does the reconditioning process look like?

Reconditioning is similar to rebuilding. Rebuilding after an injury is a four-step process that consists of: 

  • Coach Andrea engaging with your primary care physician or physical therapist to determine where you are in your rehab process noting any limitations to training as well has how you are progressing through the course of training
  • Retraining strength, mobility/flexibility, or fitness lost
  • Progressing into sports specific movements and drills to gradually regain ability and confidence while potentially addressing any pre-existing biomechanical issues
  • Increasing intensity so athletes can step onto the court, track, field, or mat stronger and more confident than pre-injury

The ultimate goal is to possibly even improve the level of pre-injury strength and fitness.

How do I begin Coach Andrea’s Reconditioning Program?

To begin the reconditioning program, book your session today.