Tennis not only requires a racket, but also a lot of speed, agility, and explosive power. That being said, it’s important to remain balanced and in control with every swing. With tennis-specific training tips and knowledge obtained through certifications from RacquetFit and the International Tennis Performance Association, Coach Andrea has designed Tennis Performance Training sessions for male and female collegiate tennis players and elite tennis players from the Australian Institute of Sport in partnership with Tennis Australia that focus on preventing injury, building core strength, and improving endurance and agility on the courts. Want to improve your game? You’re in the right place. Learn more about how Tennis Performing Training with Coach Andrea can help you get to where you want to be every match.

What does Coach Andrea incorporate into every single Tennis Performance Training session?

Tennis Performance Training is customized to your needs and goals; you may want to work on developing first step explosion or power-endurance, while another player may want to develop better strength and stability. Coach Andrea creates sessions for you and for your game. 

Tennis players ages 10 and up often come to Coach Andrea when they’re looking to improve:

  • First-step explosion: Being a step ahead of their opponent on the court 
  • Overall speed and agility: Getting their body and racket to the ball in time 
  • Power: Hitting the ball consistently over the net

Every Tennis Performance Training session, you can expect to dive into dynamic warm-ups, participate in agility, endurance, and strength exercises based upon your personal recommendations from Coach Andrea, and end with cool-down stretches to leave your muscles and joints feeling happy and ready for the next session. 

When can I get started working with Coach Andrea on my tennis performance?

Get started today by booking a Tennis Performance Training session and find yourself getting back into the swing of things with full power and finesse!