TennisFest 2014 was a great experience to meet and interact with local tennis enthusiasts!  Drawing on my vast experience working with elite tennis players and teams, I selected a variety of important training concepts to tennis enjoyment and performance.  Whether  it was a hands on experience or asking questions, San Diegans who visited TennisFest 2014 at the Balboa Tennis Center definitely had a great opportunity to learn about how to improve their game without a racket!


Elite Tennis Sports Performance

For tennis players looking to improve their game or just get a taste of what a training  session would be like for an elite level player, this session introduced exercises to maximize power, quickness, and agility on the tennis court.  Participants learned tennis specific strength exercises that will create an impact in their game and on the ball!


Functional Fitness & Injury Prevention

This session was designed to target dynamic power and strength, flexibility and mobility, balance, and injury prevention.  Exercises and drills targeted areas susceptible to tennis related injuries, while also developing general athleticism.  This was a great session for those interested in enjoying a lifelong tennis experience!

Core Strength & Power


Having a strong core is more than having a 6-pack or being able to hold a plank longer than anyone else.  Participants learned how to perform core and ab exercises properly and with purpose to maximize the benefit of transferring power to the ball, as well as avoiding the dreaded, and common to tennis, abdominal or back strains.  Exercises were progressively challenging while targeting stabilization, strength, and power.

Recovery & Stretch Session

A proper recovery and stretch session is just as important to your tennis performance as the tennis lesson, hitting session, or competition and will help ensure that your body is ready for the next exercise session.  This session touched on the post-match recovery session that I used with professional tennis athletes on the Pro-Tour!

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